Hey guys. August just came and all of a sudden it’s gone. Anyway, I think the great achievement that happened to me in August is that I learned how to drive (and still learning).

I haven’t been to somewhere or bought something this month, but I’ve spent so much time browsing on the internet. So, I’m sharing my go-to websites during this month (and the months to come) to you:

Dresses and Fashion Items

Been looking for clothing to buy but I think I still need to lose weight. I found amazing and gorgeous dresses and other fashion items from the ff. websites:

Home Essentials

I’m also looking for home stuff and I have found few items but I guess I should add them to my wishlist for now. 😉

Home Construction/Renovation Ideas

We’re not planning to build a mansion or a luxury house (since we can’t afford). But I’m looking for ideas such as how to utilize small spaces. The ff. websites kinda give me some ideas and they might help you, too.

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