The year 2019 is just around the corner. I felt that 2018 is just like a blaze. I have to admit that I have not done much. The plans and agenda that I created mostly are not done. Well, those things are not really urgent but having those things done in this year would surely make next year a lot lighter for me. It would allow me to focus on new things instead of reading those to-dos in my 2019 planner. But I won’t blame myself either. I encountered a lot of issues and conflict, but I can also say that I have dealt with those issues poorly.

But then, we can’t stop 2019 from coming. And I don’t want to wait for 2019 to come to start over and replot my goals. I have to do it right now.

First things first, I think deep cleaning our house or space should be done as soon as possible. I want December to be free from chores because I want to make my day-offs for shopping, outing, or taking a break.

Here are things that you can add to your Deep Cleaning for 2019 list:

Clear PC from Unnecessary Files

Over time, files can accumulate in our PC. Most of these files are not necessary and are just taking much space. Freeing space is really beneficial because it will the PC’s performance. I would also delete unused apps and programs. Deleting unused files and programs would be added to my monthly tasks next year.

Repurpose Old Clothes

If you have clothes that you can’t let go but you also don’t like to wear it, you can consider restyling it. If you have a long dress and you don’t find it appealing, why not convert it into a top and a skirt?

Repair Items that You Don’t Want to Get Rid Of

Before I throw things away, I want to make sure that I don’t need it or there’s no way to fix or reuse it. These can be shoes, clothes, bags, etc. This would be a great time to fix it on your own or send it to the repair shop so you can use them next year.

Repaint the House

Repainting the house is a great way to welcome 2019. Whether you wanna try no theme or just the same as before, it can make our house look better.

Declutter or Rearrange Items

From the bedroom to the living room, to the kitchen, and the bathroom, declutter and put everything in its place. Throw the empties. Wipe down the cabinets as well.

Do the Laundry

While we do the laundry regularly, there are things that we might have delayed to wash. It could be the mattress pads, curtains, bags that we haven’t used for a while, etc. Just look around and find things that need to be washed.

A clean and well-organized place plays a big factor in how to deal with any kind of life situations. Surely, it can prevent challenges from coming into our lives in 2019 and the coming years, but it allows us to focus on the things that require much attention.

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